Entrust us with the idea of ​​your project and we will make it happen with a tight budget.

We have personnel and transport elements that facilitate the delivery of materials.


Our company is committed to the recovery and reuse of old beams, wooden boards and planks of old buildings, ships and trains. The patina of these woods becomes a product of a beauty that can only be achieved over the years.

These products are increasingly demanded by decorators and professionals in the sector for their extensive aesthetic solutions.

Uses for fences, floor and wall cladding both exterior and interior, establishment of borders and small retaining walls.


They form an important part in the execution of landscaping and landscaping work. There is a wide range of diameters and measurements.

Easy to handle and with a wide range of uses such as fences of all kinds, paths, playgrounds, parks, seats for recreational areas…


Delivery of cut wood for use in barbecues, grills and wood stoves.

Delivery with own trucks to retailers. Special prices for wholesalers.

We use BIG BAGS format of m3


We have different types of gravel and decorative stones in various grain sizes and colors. Distribution in big-bag or wholesale bags::

  • Volcanic gravels, boulders, bowling, rockery, etc.

As a complement to your garden, we offer unique and exclusive pieces in natural stone, such as marble, onyx and quartzite:

  • Sculptures, monoliths, fountains, piles, planters, etc.


Due to our position in the gardening sector we have other landscape solutions that are not normally easily found in the market.

It is difficult to list the multiple products that we can offer from our company to beautify your landscaping or landscaping project.

  • Columns of stone, iron and wood.
  • Old tiles, stone slabs.
  • Old doors, yokes, tables and benches recovered.
  • Planters made with old wine planters.
  • Exclusive olive trees selected for ornamental use.
  • Old clay jars.
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