Our sleepers are classified in terms of their appearance and conservation grade.

QUALITY selection

Establishing or choosing quality grades in sleepers recovered from the railway is a somewhat subjective task, there is no one sleeper equal to another. Nor is there an established norm around this issue. Admitted this, our company strives to properly advise our distributors and customers.

FIRST Class or EXTRA Quality

A selection of quality sleepers, straight and very square, with hardly any cracks, or in the case of having them, these are small.

  • Measures in 2 m and 2.60 m.
  • In long sleepers (more than 3 m) the quality is usually first or extra.
  • In oak, tropical wood (Guinea wood), pine and brushed pine.

Various decorative uses, planters, fences or landscape ideas in which the enhancement of the farm or garden is important. Due to their good condition, they are sometimes reused again on the railway.

SECOND Class or B Quality

Straight and square without reaching the perfection of quality first. Good condition, reasonably well on all four faces. The edges may be squared or slightly blunt. There are usually occasional cracks not pronounced on their sides.

Uses for fences, steps, civil works, retaining walls…

THIRD Class or C Quality

They can present occasional pronounced cracks and curvatures of this quality. In this selection there are differences between some sleepers and others. We also have a D Quality grade.

Uses such as cattle fencing or rustic decorative in which you want to show the passage of time. Curbs, green paths, planters…

Our railway sleepers packages are specifically classified according to their grade of condition, type of wood and size.

Communication & CONFIDENCE

If you cannot visit our stock we send photos and even videos of the precise material to be sent. That makes the confidence of our customers reaffirmed in each order.

The class, the customer and the destination are specified in each order. Each customer is fully informed of the management and tracking of the shipment.

The classification by qualities helps to determine its final use: it is not the same a crossbar for curbs, for a fence in a particular farm or for a cattle fence. Even so, it is the customer who decides on the use, work or landscape idea to which the material is intended.


Its use and commercialization is subject to the limitations imposed by Royal Decree 1406/1989 and the modifications of Order PRE/2666/2002. Relative to its use only outdoors.

Our company is not responsible for the incorrect use of them.

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