Normally, a traditional 260x25x15 cm oak railway sleeper is about 75 kg in weight.

Format and Handling

Our packages are strapped with 24 units, with an approximate weight of 1800 kg when it comes to oak sleepers in the measure 260x25x15 cm. Because of this, our wholesale customers must have a forklift suitable for unloading.

These are the most common formats…

OAK railway sleepers

200x25x15 cm – 50 kg
260x25x15 cm – 75 kg

 PINE railway sleepers

240x20x10 cm – 30 kg

TROPICAL railway sleepers

260x25x15 cm – 80 kg

OAK boards

260x15x4 cm – 12 kg

LONG and ON REQUEST railway sleepers

There are also sleepers that by their use have dimensions that exceed the most common. They are railway sleepers of track changes, with lengths of up to 4.5 m and sleepers that supported the tracks on the bridges; due to this they have a section of 24×24 cm or greater.

The price of sleepers that exceed 3 m is charged per linear meter.

We have long sleepers on demand, from 3 m to 4.5 m, in oak. Occasionally we have railway sleepers approximately 6 m long.

SHORT railway sleepers

Exclusive product of our company. Oak sleepers cut 120 cm or 50 cm long.

With all the durability benefits of the traditional railway sleeper and the comfort of a lower weight, the solutions offered by these formats only have a limit on the imagination of the customer.

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